Types of Roof Coating

Types of Roof Coating


Types of Roof Coating

The best way to improve your home is to buy quality roofing. As the days goes by, the roof can gradually degrade. The water buildup and weather changes tend to ruin the roofing. To take care of all these kind of problems you need to consider applying roof coating to your house. The coatings are available in plenty of varieties. Some of the common varieties include reflective coating, water proof coating, asphalt coating, metal coating, white covering etc. Lets deal with each one of them.

Reflective Coating – This type of roof coating is mainly used to offer protection against sun rays. Therefore, you don’t have to invest on air conditioners during the hot summer seasons. People who live in areas where there is high humidity and high temperature can consider this type of coating. In addition to the protection factor, reflective coating can be used to tap almost 85% of solar power.

Water proofing coating – This type of roof coating is mainly intended to fix any kind of water leak found on the roof of the house. The water resistant layer helps to correct the leak and leave the roof top simply perfect. They are quite expensive. But it is worth investing in it.

Asphalt coating – This kind of coating is mainly used to discard water as well as to ward off harmful effects of the extreme weather conditions. This is also an expensive method of protecting your roof.

Metal coating – It is considered as the most effective type of roof coating since it is mainly used to protect the life of roof. Usually metal when exposed to high temperature it expands. This property helps to cover a wide range of roof area. Compared to other types, metal coating is very expensive.

White covering – This type of coating is widely preferred because of its reflective nature and its effectiveness in reducing the house temperature. You can consider this type of coating so as to cut down cooling cost which you may have to consider other wise. Though few people avoid white covering for the reason that it is more prone to dust, it is quite easy to clean the areas. You can consider a second layer of white covering if you want to make it stay longer.

If you consider roof coating, you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits. At first, it helps in reducing the heat and helps to cut down the cooling costs. Roof coating is also found to prevent roof from cracking and helps to extend the life of home. It provides protecting against the harmful UV rays. It is also very helpful in reducing the oxidization process on metal roofs. Finally it is very environmental friendly.


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