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Our customer base includes property owners, managers, management companies, facility managers, insurance adjusters and large corporate. Offering manufacturers warranties and Sealmark’s service & maintenance protection all included for a fraction of the cost of typical contractors costs. We typically offer service on larger roof assets with our included protection and maintenance plans. Serving most of the southern United States based on project size.

When dealing with flat roof systems we have products that are specifically designed to achieve top performance dealing with ponding water problems. If someone is offering you an acrylic elastomeric coating for a flat roof, you better find another solution unless you are prepared for failure. We understand there is moisture from both below and above the roof system and you cannot apply a water born material to defend against water as the solvent. Our solutions offer maximum adhesion and hydrophobic performance with BUR, modified bitumen, TPO, EPDM rubber and gravel ballasted.

We are available for consultation for your roofing projects at no cost to you. In most cases we can asses your general needs via email photos and phone details. General scope of work and pricing can be provided usually within a few hours. Providing you the ability to determine if our service and cost fits your needs and saving valuable time and the usual waiting process of typical bid processes.

Sealmark offers larger projects and corporate clients our service and maintenance program to monitor and maintain your new roof system, giving you more long term value and piece of mind. A typical program consists of 2.5 year inspection plans for 10 year plans. Every 2.5 years we return to your roof and inspect for any stress related or physical damage to the roof coating system. We can predetermine a general cost of material to address any minor maintenance during your plan, while keeping cost below the competition.

With 75+ coatings manufacturers out there, there are a lot of choices offered and to someone not in the protective coatings business it can be overwhelming. Add to this every roofing contractor pushing their brand of choice as the best, and you are sure to be confused. Being on the inside, we know the right products for every job and we always maintain contact with manufacturers’ reps about every project, assuring we get the best product in place for our customers. We have distilled most of these manufacturers down to be able to offer targeted solutions for longevity at the best value.

Pricing is a key component with every project but should never be the primary focus. Since we are installation technicians we have no commission sales people, and unlike most roofing companies we do not specify a product based on profitability. Getting a product at an incredibly cheap cost does not make it right for your project and many contractors sell the same product for every application which is a catalyst for disaster. Be cautious, if you feel a contractor is not educated or you feel they are overpricing a job seek alternative solutions. Because we install for many reputable contractors, we see first hand even the good ones don’t know enough about coatings to be selling them. Anyone can multiply and divide and come up with a cost to apply a coating, but that still doesn’t make it the right product or process.

All materials we recommend and install always carry a minimum 10 year manufacturers performance guarantee. In many cases warranties can be carried up to 15 years. Our manufactures stand behind their products and our relationships with them reinforce this bond. And because we are factory certified installers for the products we recommend we carry a lot of weight with coverages. Most factory warranties can be renewed simply by cleaning and re-coating the existing coating, extending the life of your roof for decades to come and lowering long term cost.