Roof Restoration Is A Cost-Effective Way To Improve Your Home’s Value

Roof Restoration Is A Cost-Effective Way To Improve Your Home’s Value

Roof Restoration Is A Cost-Effective Way To Improve Your Home’s Value

The property market is a competitive place, you may have been considering or have been trying to consider ways to add value to your home. Having your roof repaired is a cost effective way to improve your homes values and alleviate concerns about the need for future repairs. Your roofing is approximately 40% of your home’s exterior, if it is in poor condition or in need of cleaning it will greatly detract from first impressions of your property. Your roof is depended on to provide insulation and to protect the home from weather damage, insects/pests and many other assorted outdoor conditions faced on a daily basis.

Roof repair, particularly in older homes, is a critical part of home maintenance. Your roofing system must be in strong, solid condition to protect your home from the elements and to ensure the safety of occupants. Your roof needs to be able to expand (during strong heat), contract, seal against water entry and be pest free. Roof repairs can ensure that your roofing is in good condition and fix problems before they lead to costly replacements and potential health hazards.

Mould and mildew build-up is a common problem in poorly maintained homes. Its primary cause is leaking roofing. Mould build-up can lead to serious respiratory problems and potentially compromise immune systems so it is crucial to avoid it, it is also very difficult to remove!

What are the stages of Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is typically a 7 step process. The first step is to replace all the broken tiles and to stop any points of leakage. You can save money by moving all the cracked, chipped and defective tiles to the gutter line where they are not depended on for primary protection. Re-bedding of ridge caps is the next step, where old cement from roof caps is replaced. Re-pointing and the replacement of valley irons is done to protect the home from weather extremes. And the final stage includes the prime, sealing and colouring of the roof – which will protect and vastly improve the definition of the roofs appearance.

Choosing a reputable and established company that is fully certified and insured is an absolute must. Roofing companies and contractors should use quality certified tradespeople and offer you a full product and workmanship guarantee on everything they do.

Don’t wait till problems get out of hand because you will regret it and wish you had taken action earlier.




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