Roof Coating Can Reduce Additional Costs

Roof Coating Can Reduce Additional Costs


Roof Coating Can Reduce Additional Costs

Home-owners are naturally looking to reduce their energy bills and avoid any large capital outlays on their home.
One of the biggest costs a home-owner can face is the need for a new roof on their property.


But there is a way to reduce this likelihood and make savings on energy bills by having it thermally coated. Additionally, thermal coating adds value to a property so when the housing market begins to pick up, their main asset will have become valuable.


Most roofs are susceptible to damage from the elements and in particular moss and lichen, which gives that brackish colour to older roofs. If left long-term, the outcome can be a huge outlay for a new roof due to the erosion of its tiling.


But a new roof isn’t the only cost faced by home-owners, the loss of heat through it escalates the costs of energy bills.


Thermal roof coating can be seen a precautionary measure, offering enhanced protection to a roof and peace of mind over the prospect of ever having to buy a new one in the short-term. And, it tends to be very versatile, with application available to most roofing types be they clay, slate, concrete, stone or rosemary, and different colours feasible for each application so as to match the residual roof being treated. There tends to be a well defined step-by-step process to such roof coating. As with any type of roof coating, thermal coating starts with roof cleaning, restoring a roof’s appearance to its former glory when the house was first built,and carrying out any required renovation work such as replacing broken tiles.


Then protective anti-fungicidal washes are applied to delay the development of harmful bacteria, mosses and lichens. Finally, a waterproof and thermal coating layer is applied which protects tiles but still allows them to breathe. The end result from thermal roof coating is a hugely enhanced appearance to a home, greater savings on energy bills due to more heat being retained in the home, and diminished likelihood of every having to purchase a new roof any time soon.


All these variables make thermal coating arguably a shrewd investment in times of recession for anyone facing the potential of having to find money for a new roof, or is being hit hard by excessive energy bills.


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