Roof Coatings A Better Way

Hello and welcome to a better way to protect your roof system, the planet, and potentially save a lot of money. Roof coatings & Polyurethane Foam installation is what we do and saving our customers more on their projects is our mission. If you are dealing with roofing contractors you are paying sales commissions and large profits for nothing. We know because we install a lot of coating systems for big roof companies who are pocketing all the inflated costs. We specify and install coatings everyday on almost every type roof and we have distilled over 75 coatings manufacturers into the best solutions for your existing metal or flat roof. It is our priority to get you the best product for the type of roof you have and most roofing contractors don’t know much about what they sell. Ask your contractor if they can give you a 10 year material guarantee against ponding water on a flat roof? If they can’t you owe it to yourself to give us a call and find out more and what solutions we can offer you that will work.



Eco Friendly

There are many ideas of environmentally friendly in the building industry and everyone seems to have the best idea, so they think. Since the inception of the building the traditional way to remedy an aging problematic roof is to tear it off and send it to the land fill. Over 40% of all construction debris is roofing materials, most of which by design, will never decompose in our lifetime. So what do we do with it all? read more…

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