Ft. Worth, TX

We restore all types of commercial flat and metal roofs, including gravel built up. Our service provides roof restoration at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. We have many different types of coatings that can provide leak proof roofing and even airtight insulation. Restoration, because it is sustainable and renewable can practically match the life of your roof to the life of your structure. In most cases your package price includes a manufacturer’s leak free warranty from 10 years and even extending 20 years.

We are equipped to handle the largest of your multi-family, commercial and industrial roofing needs. Whether storm damage, repairs, simply needing a new commercial roof due to age, Stealmark allows you to focus on your business and not your roof. Also, ask us about our commercial roof maintenance programs. Most commercial roof problems are due to lack of yearly maintenance and the typical commercial roof only last 7 years because it is not properly maintained. Get on a low cost roof maintenance program with us to ensure your commercial roof’s longevity and prevent small problems from becoming costly ones.

If your commercial roof is an asphalt/composition roof, such as an apartment complex, Stealmark is a premiere composition shingle roofing company. Typically, we can replace an entire apartment complex (all buildings) in two weeks or less and it comes with a 5 year workmanship guarantee, 10 year with maintenance contract and a lifetime shingle warranty from the manufacturer. Not to mention, our prices allow you to continue managing your complex with a profit.