ASC is an instant set coating, which sets within minutes and reduces the dangers of wash off. ASC is a white, acrylic based elastomeric reflective coating for waterproofing and prolonging roof life.


– Cost Effective

ASC X systems can be applied directly to existing roofs, saving expensive removal and disposal costs.
The roof maintenance system is a fully tax deductible operating expense.
The reflective coating substantially cools the building, reducing the demand for electricity and A/C costs.

– Superior Durability

ASC X systems offer a tough lightweight solution for new and existing roofs.
Our high performance systems are waterproof, UV resistant, and surpass the highest standards in the industry.
ASC X systems offer superior life cycle performance and with proper maintenance can sustain an existing roof indefinitely.

– Easy Installation

ASC X roof systems can be installed without any disturbance to building occupants.
Meets V.O.C emissions regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application.