All You Should Know About Roof Coating

All You Should Know About Roof Coating


All You Should Know About Roof Coating

In contrast with the residential pitched roofs, flat roofs are horizontal or nearly horizontal. These types of roofs are more commonly referred to as low-pitched roofs. Factories, warehouses, schools, commercial buildings, and other bigger structures usually have this kind of roof.

Best Materials For Flat Roof Coatings

Because there is a lack of slope for water flow, there are especial coating this kind of roof. There is a wide variety of coatings – cheaper, easier to apply, longer lasting, or easier to maintain. Depending on the roof, there is not a best overall coating material for a flat roof. There are commonly three types roofing.

1. Built-up Roofs

Also known as BUR, this method uses fabrics called ply sheets or roofing felts which are reinforced with organic mats or glass fiber mats. These fabrics are alternately layered with bitumens using asphalt, coal tar, or cold-applied adhesive.

BUR surfacing include aggregates, elastomeric or aluminum coatings, hot asphalt mopped on the entire surface, glass fiber, or mineral surfaced cap sheets. Lifespan for this system is 10 years and you can place a new layer in a 10-year period though removing and replacement of the entire BUR system should be done after 10-30 years. BUR cost is relatively low compared to the others but inspection and maintenance is high.

2. Roofing Spray-On

This method requires spraying of insulation on the roof and covering it with urethane or acrylic. Top it with a thin layer of small aggregates to protect from exposure to the sun. Foam roofing provide application ease and repairs can be done with caulking though reapplication should be done periodically – once in 10 years.

3. Single Ply roofing

The most common flat roofing which uses single-ply roofing panels of different makes the most popular of which is the black EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)rubber. This is easy to apply and is competitively priced. Panels 0.45-0.95inch thick and 6-12′ wide are glued to the roof or attached using barbed plates or corrosion resistant fasteners.

Painting cool roof coatings extend the life by protecting them from ultraviolet radiation, weathering, and damage from the elements. These coatings are usually white liquids which are reflective in nature.



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