All About Roof Recoating On Homes

All About Roof Recoating On Homes

All About Roof Recoating On Homes

The roof of your home protects it from a number of environmental factors. This includes rain, hail, wind, snow and more. Without a roof a house would be exposed to the elements. It is so important, in fact, that a big part of homeowner’s insurance covers it. It must be taken care of, including repairs and possible roof recoating if called for.

Recoating comes in many different varieties. The thickness that it should be and the type of coat are both very important decisions that must be made. Another decision is whether to use shingles, since these provide extra defense against the weather, though they are also an added expense. They do make the house look better though and could make it look more updated.

Roofs without shingles, such as flat ones, will generally have a much thicker coat than those that do have shingles. If you are going to recoat a shingled roof, they must be removed first. Sometimes, high winds or hail can damage a shingle or even make it fly off. In this case they can generally be replaced without recoating, though some prefer to do both for safety reasons and to add resale value to the home.

When choosing a coating substance, it is important to look through all the possibilities. Though many homeowners often go with the same substance that was already on there, advances in the industry could provide a better alternative. For example, many roofers are using what is referred to as ‘cool’ roofing.

Cool roofing means that the products used for roofing reflect more sun that they absorb. Any heat that is absorbed into the materials gets transferred into the home, which means higher electric bills trying to cool the home. The more reflective it is, the less heat that seeps into the home, making it more energy efficient and saving money. Try to find out how cool the roofing products are before you choose.

Asphalt and tar pitch are by far the most popular coatings. They are used by mopping or otherwise spreading the substance across the surface after it been mixed and heated. They then dry and should be ready to be covered in shingles, if you desire. They are great for hot climates because they can expand in the heat and still go back to their original shape without cracking and letting moisture seep in.

Foam is a newer material that should be taken into consideration. It is good in all climates and reflects a lot of sun, keeping it out of the house. It is also waterproof so no moisture will get in. This helps prevent damage and keep moisture out of the home. It also means more energy efficiency and lower electric bills.

Roof recoating is a definite investment in the life of your home as well as the roof itself. In fact, it can add 25 years or more to the home. Some homeowners insurance policies give discounts for taking good care of it, so that is more money saved. Choose the right coating and watch as your energy bills go down and property value goes up.



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