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Establish a Roof Maintenance Plan Early

Facility managers of commercial and industrial properties already have enough to worry about without adding emergency roof repairs to the mix. If you share this sentiment, know there are several benefits to taking a proactive and preventative approach to the overall state of your roof with a roof maintenance plan. Expensive Repairs and Damage There’s a chance your flat roof has already sustained damage about which you don’t yet know. In the coming weeks, months or possibly even years, that damage [...]

Three drainage solutions flat roofs

The Proper Flat Roof Drainage System Can Help Preserve Your Roof’s Integrity Flat roofs have a long history in the United States, especially for commercial construction. However, flat roofs depend greatly on proper drainage of rain and snow melt to preserve their integrity.  Without it, pooling water can occur and cause leaks, deterioration in the roof membrane and ice formation during winter. These are the three types of drainage systems that work best for flat roofs. Interior Drains This drainage system is composed [...]